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We Are Driven By Our Commitment To Quality Placements


• Services for All Accident Victims

• Home Care Service

• Facility Private Care

• Retirement/Long Term Care/Hospital Shift Work


Around the Clock Accessibility

Cost Effective Strategies


Motivated Employees

Thorough On Screen Process


• All Insured Healthcare Personnel

• Flexible & Competitive Rates

• Around The Clock Accessibility

• Care For Individuals of all Ages

• Reduced Hiring Time

• Specialized Healthcare Providers

•  Recognized Member of the Ontario Home Care Association


UMS is an organization devoted to servicing the staffing needs throughout Home-Care and Healthcare communities. Our head office is established in Toronto, Canada but we also have growing locations in Halifax, Nova Scotia as well as an established agency in Newburgh, New York.

Our goal is simple: to provide a higher level of skilled, dedicated and compassionate healthcare providers with a responsible care to their patients. We are driven by our commitment to quality placements and we take personal interest and are sincerely concerned with patient care, the clients that we serve and the workers that represent us.

UMS recruits and places highly skilled and very experienced healthcare candidates. Each one of our employees is thoroughly screened and profiled to ensure that they are an appropriate fit for each job. Our screening process includes obtaining necessary documents such as current registrations, certificates, police clearance, medical health records, valid photo ID, social insurance number, etc.

We recognize that our success depends on the success of every one of our customers, clients and professionals. Our focus on customer service and quality care is what makes UMS an experienced healthcare agency provider.


UMS made the process of finding a placement simple and fast, I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

Jessica A.

My friend recommended me to United Med Staffing and I never looked back. The staff has been amazing at taking care of all my needs!

Veronica T.

UMS was my first and last choice when it came to finding a staffing agency. So glad I bumped into UMS!

Amber A.


Around The Clock Accessibility:
Our staffing consultants are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the most timely and efficient service possible.

Cost Effective Strategies:
The facilities that we staff save thousands of dollars every year by eliminating recruitment fees from their budget. These fees include placing advertisements and valuable time spent reviewing and interviewing candidates.

One of UMS’s strengths is dependability. We are able to recruit and maintain an abundance of staff, enabling us to fill a large volume of requests in a time efficient manner.

Motivated Employees:
Our employees are motivated in performing quality work due to our competitive pay structure. Employees get better salaries, on the job evaluation and completion bonuses to work with top facilities around the GTA.

Thorough On Screening Process:
UMS has developed a Quality Assurance process to meet with all pre-employment screening process, and a background check. This process helps us select only the top professionals for placement.

Give us a call at 416-495-9000. We look forward to serving you!